The Flying Man

A new superhero is coming, only this time it’s on his terms. Will he still be considered a hero?

ShapeShifter by Charlex

ShapeShifter is a wonderfull 3D animation  with tne most inspiring thoughts about dreams. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Digital Art by Liran Szeiman

Liran is an illustrator and designer based in Barcelona, Spain, currently working in the digital gaming market and as a freelance graphic designer oriented to Editorial and Corporate Design. Liran’s work is heavily… Continue reading

Sthephen Wiltshire: New York Cityscape from Memory

London-born artist Stephen Wiltshire is a rare gem in a global mine of unpolished stones. Diagnosed with autism at age three and functionally mute until the age of five, Wiltshire was discovered to have an… Continue reading

Personal Work: Old Pan Portrait

This is my first post showing some of my work,  Please feel free to comment or send me some feedback, I know some of my followers are great photographers and design lovers, so… Continue reading

Instructions on How To Make a New Car by Dodge

The Dodge Dart may have faded away from production lines in 1976, but a 2013 model is on the way, hot on the heels of a new ad, which illuminates the inherent difficulties… Continue reading

Zain7 – lady illustrator from Japan

Check out this awesome colored illustrations by Japanese artist Zain7 ZAIN7

Amazing apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden by Alvhem

With a total living area of 100 square meters and three rooms, the place seems full of space and light. White is the predominant color throughout in this wonderful home situated in a… Continue reading