Sthephen Wiltshire: New York Cityscape from Memory

London-born artist Stephen Wiltshire is a rare gem in a global mine of unpolished stones. Diagnosed with autism at age three and functionally mute until the age of five, Wiltshire was discovered to have an affinity for drawing, a talent that has proven him as an artistic savant. He has grown into a world-renowned artist with degrees from City and Guilds of London Art School, multiple published books, many international trips to complete commissioned drawings—and in 2006, he was “named by Queen Elizabeth II as a Member of the Order of the British Empire, in recognition of his services to the art world.” services to the art world.”

In October 2011 he hopped aboard a helicopter and took a visual tour of New York City, only to return to an 18-foot canvas in a studio at the Pratt Institute and recreate the entire skyline from memory. The level and complexity of detail is unreal—down to archways, size and number of windows, even the number of columns along a building’s façade. All from a single pass overhead.

Do the best you can, and never stop.” –Stephen Wiltshire

Sthephen Wiltshire