Logomania – Cats

In  the world of identity the  logo is the identifying element of the brand for a company, business, product or economic entity, designed to create immediate recognition by the viewer. here are some amazing logos from around the world!  Enjoy!


Rolling Cat by chrisworks

Trupi by Phane

Buster Bruno logo by Rachel Wynn

Purrfect by acasia

Favorite Delicacy by Ksenia

Kote Studio by beshur

Kitten by Donatas Surgailis

reapcat by Joelsailo

Gatastico Petshop by malejoveza

catOrigins by marinkovicn

Catworks by logtek

Lucky Dip by luckydip

Happy Catfish by Siah-Design

Sketchy Cat Creative by grabbdesigns

La Casa Del Gatto by sebdesign

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